With Ostrom, we're revolutionizing the German energy market. Get one transparent plan with flexible monthly billing and no 24-month lock-ins, a digital-first experience with everything just a tap away, and only 100% renewable energy. So if you're ready to save money, hassle and the environment, sign up today or and we'll take care of the rest!

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Ostrom Is How Energy Always Should Have Been
Flexibly Fair

We only offer one transparent monthly plan with no lock-ins, same prices whether just signed up or longtime customer. And with us only earning a flat 6€ fee, we really do want you to use less energy!

Simply Smart

Manage everything from our app, from automated meter readings to contract details. And if you ever hit a snag, reach out to our friendly and responsive support chat. No letters, no fax!

Genuinely Green

We're committed to the green energy revolution and we never compromise on our values. That's why we only buy power from 100% renewable energy sources.

Effortless, Expat-Friendly, Ecological Electricity.
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    No Tiers or Tricks

    One simple plan for everyone with no confusing fees

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    One-Tap Contract Management

    Because it's 2021 and "Email" doesn't count as digital

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    On-Demand Customer Support

    For any questions, we're always just a ping away

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    Available in German and English

    We understand expats, no Google Translate required

Ostrom saves you
per year
for an average household in Berlin (2 persons)
Why We Built Ostrom

In order to stave off climate change, we must make switching to green energy and reducing consumption as affordable and frictionless as possible.

At Ostrom, we give you peace of mind - that you're getting the best deal for your energy with one transparent and flexible monthly plan, that you'll never have customer support hassles again, and that you're always purchasing 100% green energy. Being green has never been so easy, fair and so affordable!

Our Customers Say It Best

"That was easy! I switched from my old provider to Ostrom because their tariff is super transparent and everything is digital. Switching was absolutely uncomplicated and without any annoying paperwork."

Dante - Trustpilot Five stars

"As a foreigner in Germany, I am totally confused by the electricity setup. A friend of mine recommended Ostrom energy to me. [...] Their service is in English and everything is digital. Highly recommended!"

Jessica - Trustpilot Five stars

No Technician Visits Required


No Disruptions, No Worries


We’ll Deal with your Ex(-Provider)

It just takes 5 minutes to switch and save with Ostrom!