General Information

Ostrom is your digital electricity provider. As a customer you benefit from our innovative app and fair tariffs.

Ostrom aims to deliver you the easiest digital user experience. We think that inflexible contract terms and non-transparent pricing have no place in the 21st century Insted of an incomprehensible annual bill in the mailbox, you have full transparency over your electricity contract right from your smartphone.

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Changing your provider is quite simple – after you have completed the signup, we will contact your current electricity supplier and your network operator. You don’t have to take care of anything else!

No need – we take care of everything for you. Although, if during the signup process, you do not choose to give us the right to do so (Sonderkündigungsrecht), you will have to handle the cancellation of your previous provider.

If you experience either an electricity price increase or a pending change of address, you may have this special cancellation right.

In this case, we are not able to terminate the contract for you for legal reasons. You will have to cancel the contract in writing to your previous provider.

You can use our draft.

No – your previous electricity provider will communicate with us the exact date of change. In addition, the basic utility (Grundversorgung) will always act as a fallback in any eventuality.

Ostrom immediately takes of the switchover process. The handover may be required to wait based on your previous provider.

Your signup can still be completed today, and you only Start with Ostrom after a successful change of contract.

Your meter number can be easily found from your electricity bill. It will be usually listed on the top.

Alternatively, this is also available on your electricity meter. The meter is usually at homes by the front door, in the hallway or at the basement. For apartments, best to ask your landlord or your building manager (Hausverwaltung) for details.

The Marktlokations-ID represents your locatin within the grid system. Your Marktlokations-ID can easily be found on your last electric bill.

We are happy to continue serving you at your new address as Ostrom is available throughout Germany. Do note, however, that the local network charges may vary. Write us an e-mail to hallo@ostrom.de for more details.

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Contract & Invoice

Our tariff consists of a fair monthly fee. Unlike other electricity providers, we explicitly do not add overheads to your consumption. The greenest energy is the one you wind up never needing. We want to align our incentives with you, less power is the best power.

Electricity contracts all function with the same calculation – a basic fee from consumption together with taxes and environmental levies. Based on the answers you provided during your signup such as your address and your household size, we estimate your forecasted consumption. This will be the amount you will be charged monthly. From the app you can easily toggle the amount monthly based on your usage. Any deviations are balanced out at the end of the year (Nachzahlung).

You have two main payment options: either you give us a SEPA direct debit mandate, which will automatically deduct your payment from your account each month, during the signup process or you can do a manual bank transfer each month.

The due date is always at the beginning of the month, due to our flexible monthly contract. For example, the charge for the month of May will be during the 1st of May.

Your first bill will be sent after one year with Ostrom. This will show your total billing over the month. If you want to get a more accurate reading, you can use our app to submit your meter reading.

An Abschlag is the monthly payment deduction based on your forecasted electricity consumption. If you use less power you get money back at the end of the year and vice versa. So if you were billed EUR 500 and you wind up using only EUR 400 of electricity at the end of the year, you’ll be debited back EUR 100.

You can easily change your monthly fee on the app with just a few taps.

There is no minimum contract period (Mindestlaufzeit) and you can cancel anytime within the month with a 4 weeks notice period (Kündigungfrist). Unlike other providers we only offer flexible monthly contracts and will never charge you early exit fees.

While that’s unfortunate, we understand and we aim to make even this process as easy as possible. We are legally required to receive this notice in writing – simply email us at hallo@ostrom.de your desire to cancel ideally from the same email you used to sign up with us and your details such as your meter number, your Marktlokation-ID and your full name.

Everything is set from your side! From here, we will contact your old electricity provider and cancel your contract with them. Once we’ve sorted out your earliest possible termination date, we begin the switching process.

Note that this process may take about 2 weeks. Nothing to worry about, once there is news, you will get an email from us about the change.

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You can simply go to “Settings” within the app to change these.

You can change your password under “Settings” within the app.

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Meter Reading

You can add the meter reading from the app, or you can send the meter reading via email to hallo@ostrom.de

The meter is usually at homes by the front door, in the hallway or at the basement. For apartments, best to ask your landlord or your building manager (Hausverwaltung) for details.

The fastest way you can submit your meter reading is via the app. You can enter the numbers yourself or use the automated meter reading feature by taking a photo of your meter. And of course you can send the meter reading via email to hallo@ostrom.de

If you’ve made a mistake entering your meter reading, just send us a short email at hallo@ostrom.de and we’ll fix it for you.

The meter is usually at homes by the front door, in the hallway or at the basement. For apartments, best to ask your landlord or your building manager (Hausverwaltung) for details.

No need – you only need to tell us the meter number and we’ll take care of everything.

The reported amount of broken meters are seldom, and this would be quite rare. However, if you you suspect a defect, please contact us at best an e-mail to hallo@ostrom.de.

We would very much like to use smart meters. While the current distribution of smart meters is still low in Germany as of 2021, we are confident that this will quickly change in the future.

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You can download the Ostrom app from both the Apple App Store for iOS devices and the Google Play Store for Android devices.

Through the app you have full visibility and control over your electricity at any time. You can regularly check your meter and manage your consumption. The app can also manage everything else – from the monthly payment amounts up to the billing address changes. And thanks to notification updates, you’ll also quickly and reliably informed about news and upcoming count transmissions.

You can login simply with your email address and the password you created during the signup process. If you have forgotten your password simply use the “Forgot Password” option and an email will be sent to reset your password.

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Green Energy

Despite the decision on the green energy transition (Energiewende) in Germany, as of 2020 54% of electricity is still not from renewable resources. The good news is that as a consumer you can actively choose to pay for green energy, thus increasing the pressure from other energy producers to switch to clean energy sources.

When you switch to Ostrom, you actively contribute to the green energy revolution. The more people who support our mission, the faster the 100% renewable dream becoms a reality.

With Ostrom, you only get 100% green energy assured with a certificate of origin.

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Please send us a short e-mail to hallo@ostrom.de and we will get in touch to proceed with your request.

All current information can be found under https://ostrom.de/en/privacy-policy/.

Keeping your data safe is of the highest importance for us. All current information can be found under https://ostrom.de/en/privacy-policy/.

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